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Community Engagement - Chinese Opera

Community Engagement Community Engagement Community Engagement Community Engagement

AHSC offers a continuum of social and support services in a culturally sensitive setting by reaching out to Asian immigrants, reacquainting them with the arts and culture of their homeland, providing opportunities for socializing, and fostering a sense of community. Our culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate community outreach includes our popular Ethnic Outreach & Meal Service Program for seniors and our Information Assistance Program.

Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera

Cantonese Opera Club (COC)

Cantonese Opera Club (COC) meets every Thursday from 12:30pm to 2:30pm. About 35 to 40 AHSC community members gather together to have fun in singing Chinese folk songs. Experienced musicians and masters play Chinese string instruments such as Erhu, Pipa and drums as the group sings different songs. The meeting is divided into two sections, first part is group singing and the latter part entails members singing individually. The mission of COC is to help our senior members express feeling and emotion through singing and reacquaint them with their joyful memories with the Chinese culture from the past. Group activities will be conducted in Cantonese Chinese.

Cantonese Opera Appreciation Group

Cantonese Opera Appreciation Group meets every Tuesday from 12:30pm to 4pm at our Portland main office to practice Chinese Opera. This group is comprised of about 10 to 15 AHSC members who want to further their learning and strengthen their skills in singing Chinese opera. Similar to Cantonese Opera Club, the practice is led and accompanied by experienced musicians and masters play Chinese string instruments such as Erhu, Pipa and drums. Group is mainly conducted in Cantonese Chinese, and the practice schedule may change depending on room arrangement and member availability.