COVID-19 Asian Response Teams are Here for You

It can be hard to find information in the language you rely on. Asian Health & Service Center is here to help.

AHSC has helpful staff in each of these languages, just a phone call away. Please call and let us know what is happening for you. Ask us your questions. Share information with others.

繁體中文 (503) 772-5889 Cantonese
简体中文 (503) 772-5890 Mandarin
한국어 (503) 772-5891 Korean
Tiếng Việt (503) 772-5892 Vietnamese
English (503) 772-5888 English
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For the latest information on COVID-19 safety guidelines, here are some resources:

The buttons at the top of the page provide quick access to important COVID-19 information in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Vietnamese.