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AHSC offers a continuum of social and support services in a culturally sensitive setting by reaching out to Asian immigrants, reacquainting them with the arts and culture of their homeland, providing opportunities for socializing, and fostering a sense of community. Our culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate community outreach includes our popular Ethnic Outreach & Meal Service Program for seniors and our Information Assistance Program.

Helping You Helping Me

Helping You Helping Me

The Helping You, Helping Me program is a home care worker training and referral program for the Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese communities in the Metro Portland tri-county area. The overarching aim of the program is to improve the health and well-being of individuals in our communities by addressing both upstream social determinants of health and downstream prevention and care needs. We are working on achieving the goals of training unemployed Asian community members to be client-employed home care workers and providing seniors and their families with linguistically and culturally appropriate quality home care services from trained caregivers.


  • Recruit and Training for Homecare Worker:
    • Recruit people who want to work as Homecare Workers.
    • Provide free homecare worker training classes.
    • Offer First Aid & CPR Certification class (Oregon Red Cross).
  • Homecare Referral and Matching for seniors:
    • Refer trained homecare workers to families, seniors or ADS case managers.
    • Assist in matching seniors with trained homecare workers.
    • Provide employment materials, documents and resource assistance.