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Health Integration - Living Well Training

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AHSC provides a series of public health education projects and activities (i.e. health education workshops), and psychosocial support programs, which include Health and Wellness Groups, Asian Wellness Connection, Chronic Disease Link, Living Well Training, Powerful Tool for Caregiving, Women Health, Tri County Mental Health Connection for Asians, and Healthy Kids.

Living Well Training

Living Well with Chronic Conditions Training program is a six-week course that provides tools to support healthy living under chronic conditions. Through weekly sessions, we will help you seek real-life self-management tools to dealing with emotions that long-term conditions may cause. This is an interactive course that revolves around managing health, staying active and enjoying life. Classes held at the Asian Health & Service Center are currently conducted in Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

The following picture was taken during the graduation of a "Living Well Training" six-week course. Everyone was extremely happy and proud of him or herself knowing that he or she can achieve great goals in life no matter what age they are or what condition they have. This six-week course enhances them to believe in life, to stay active, healthy, and to enjoy life.

Living Well Training
Photo was taken at AHSC Portland office