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Community Engagement - Multnomah County Senior Ethnic Outreach

Community Engagement Community Engagement Community Engagement Community Engagement

AHSC offers a continuum of social and support services in a culturally sensitive setting by reaching out to Asian immigrants, reacquainting them with the arts and culture of their homeland, providing opportunities for socializing, and fostering a sense of community. Our culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate community outreach includes our popular Ethnic Outreach & Meal Service Program for seniors and our Information Assistance Program.

Multnomah County Senior Ethnic Outreach

AHSC has been operating Ethnic Outreach & Meal Service program since 2009. Through this program, we provide Asian ethnic lunches every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and starting February 9, 2016, also Friday at our Portland center for Multnomah County residents who are 60 and above. AHSC also provides outreach services for the seniors all year round

This program is made possible and supported by Multnomah County Aging & Disability Services, partners with neighborhood ethnic restaurants, and is sponsored by wholesale distributors who donate large amounts of rice and supplies

This program not only draws isolated seniors out of their homes to provide them with meals that keep them healthy and free from hunger, but also gives them opportunities to socialize with others, get involved in activities, and learn about community resources in a culturally appropriate way.

Currently, over 1,000 members are registered with this program, and over 500 members are regular attendants for the lunch program. By June 2015, AHSC served a total of 75,903 meals, with an average of over 11,000 meals served per year.

Multnomah County
This program is made possible by Multnomah County.