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AHSC provides a series of public health education projects and activities (i.e. health education workshops), and psychosocial support programs, which include Health and Wellness Groups, Asian Wellness Connection, Chronic Disease Link, Living Well Training, Powerful Tool for Caregiving, Women Health, Tri County Mental Health Connection for Asians, and Healthy Kids.

Women's Health

AHSC Women's Health Services comprised by the following projects and programs:
  1. Avon Foundation for WomenThe Asian Actions Against Breast Cancer (3ABC) program, currently funded by Avon Foundation Breast Care Fund, works to serve Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese women age 40 and older living in Oregon, with a focus on women residing in the Portland metropolitan area. Asian women face a number of obstacles to obtaining regular breast health screenings, including financial, cultural and linguistic barriers. 3ABC will provide culturally and linguistically appropriate community outreach and education through a culturally specific print media campaign, as well as community education workshops. Case management (help clients navigate the system to access services) and counseling are the two most important services for women in this program. Generally, our services include applying for the Oregon BCCP and Wise Women program, appointment scheduling, assisting with medical billing and insurance issues, arranging for interpretation, annual exam reminder, and connecting them with other community resources. This program has been a great success with an increasing numbers of Asian American women recognizing the importance of health screening and willing to seek early detection services.

  2. Bring up awareness and Beyond on Breast and Cervical Cancer (BBBCC) Program, formerlyfunded by Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance (OCAPICA), helps address the barriers and unmet needs of Vietnamese women living in the Portland metropolitan area by providing targeted culturally and linguistically appropriate community outreach and education about breast and cervical cancer and screenings. Outreach includes culturally specific media, presence at cultural events, community education workshops, and the interpersonal networks of AHSC clients. Additionally, BBBCC connect Vietnamese women to early detection services, and provide case management services tailored to each woman’s unique needs, which may include appointment scheduling, reminders, translation, and transportation arrangement. AHSC will continue to act as a liaison between Vietnamese women, particularly recent immigrants, and health care providers, linking this vulnerable population to needed health services.

  3. The Asian Breast Cancer Survivorship program, formerly funded by Susan G. Komen for the Cure Oregon and SW Washington, helps women transition from "patient" to "survivor". The program helps women understand and live with the struggles that come with cancer survivorship. Through support groups women learn that they are not alone and share coping mechanisms with one another. We also offer interest classes such as flower arrangement and ceramic classes, to encourage socialization and to achieve a sense of accomplishment.

  4. Oregon Reproductive Health Program: The Reproductive Health Program works with network clinics to offer free or low-cost reproductive health services and birth control. Regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, or immigration status people can access quality services at RH Program clinics.

    reproductive health

    reproductive health

    reproductive health

    reproductive health

    reproductive health
    Who May Qualify?
    • Low-income individuals who can get pregnant or get someone else pregnant.
    • People who do not qualify for full OHP.
    • People whose health insurance may not cover all reproductive health services.
    • LGBQ and transgender community members.
    • Immigrant community members.
    • Also serves youth and men.

    What Services Are Available?
    • Pregnancy tests.
    • Birth control & condoms.
    • Emergency contraception.
    • Screening for sexually transmitted infections.
    • Women’s check-ups, including breast & Pap exams.
    • Abortion (available at specific contracted providers).
    • Vasectomy (available at some clinics)
    • Tubal ligation
    • Postpartum care

    For more information, please contact:
    Portland Office: 503-772-5888
    Beaverton Office: 503-772-5880
    This program is by Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division